I started braiding hair about 18 years ago. It began with family and close friends who let me, "practice," styles on them.  As time passed, I got better and better. During lunch periods, I would braid the front of my classmates hair for fun. 

When I got to college, (Howard University....HU!!! You KNOW!!!) I made flyers and posted them around campus. I would introduce myself as, "Hey my name is Nessa and I do hair!!" Business was booming and I was able to support myself through college. And so the marathon continued....

Since then, I have blessed so many people with my hands, from DC to Chicago!


 I am a licensed Natural Hair Stylist so quality is key to my success. 

I currently operate from my in home-salon and strive to provide you with the utmost comfortable experience. 

Made official in 2021, Immaculate Tresses, LLC is your go-to Hair Braiding Salon in the CITY. We’re committed to making you look your best, every day of the week. Book an appointment today!

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School Application
now hiring!!!!

I'm looking for a braid assistant who's responsibility would include:

* assisting with braid styles

* hair preparation

* shampoo services

Requirements: must be reliable and have basic knowledge of hair 

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Thank you for applying! I will be reaching out to you shortly regarding the next steps of the application process.