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general Policies 

KIDs Policies 

1. all appointments must be made via this website. if you text me, i will send you the booking link. 

2. a $25 deposit is required to book. this can be made via cash app or online. if i don't receive deposit in 24 hours, appointment will be released. 

3. deposit goes towards balance. 

4. if i cancel, your deposit will be returned.

5. if you cancel, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

6. if you/or i need to reschedule, the deposit can be held over once. If you need to reschedule again, you have to pay another deposit. 

7. I allow a 15 minute grace period. if you are late, you need to let me know before your appointment- not during the grace period. if at the time of your appt, i have not heard from you, the appointment will be canceled. 

8. no call no shows are banned from booking. no exceptions. 

9. i provide braiding hair only. any other hair types, you must provide. text me to make sure you are getting the correct hair. if it is incorrect, you have to reschedule. 

10. a wash and blow dry is offered with every style. no discount for coming washed. 

11. if your hair requires extra time due to length and texture, there is an additional fee- $20 adults $15 kids

12. most answers can be found here, however for additional questions or to send pictures, please text me at 309-271-7105 or 309-585-7726

13. please give me at least 24 hours to respond to your text/dm. I DO NOT RESPOND ON SUNDAYS OR MY OFF DAYS. 

14. a complete consultation is provided before service. you have 24 hours to contact me with concerns after the appointment

1. i only service kids ages 4-13. 14 and up, see adult prices. 

2. please pay attention when you book. prices differ based on age and style. 

3. your child must be able to sit during appointment. if after the 1st appointment, i determine they are not ready, i will refer you to alternative methods.

4. prepare your child for their appointment by making sure they are rested and have eaten. 

5. please provide them with a device. 

6. once you book, send me your choice of style and hair color/beads to 309-271-7105 or 309-585-7726. 

7. Child's hair must fully be taken down and brushed/combed out prior to appointment, 

8. no one allowed in salon unless being serviced. one additional guest can wait in reception area.


9. please dress your child for pictures. 


10. if you drop your child off, i will inform you when there is 30 minutes left. i offer a 10 minute grace period, then there is a late fee of $10.  

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